Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eating with Chopsticks

We really enjoyed reading the story Suki's Kimono.  After learning a bit more about the Asian culture, we decided to try eating noodles and rice with chopsticks.  We watched a brief instructional video about the proper way to hold our chopsticks and then we practiced.  It was fun practicing how to hold our chopsticks just right.  Students had small cups of plain white rice and ramen noodles.  They really enjoyed this and it was an adventure as many students had never eaten with chopsticks before.  Ask your child how it went for him or her!

I'm sorry there aren't more photos, but my camera "died" as I hadn't charged the battery.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Learning From Our Story

Has your child been doing strange things with his/her socks and shoes?  If so, don't worry! :-)  He/she was experimenting to see how it felt to wear socks with flip flops!  Why?  Our story for the week was Suki's Kimono.  We discussed how Suki was wearing socks with her geta (shoes).  Her geta are similar to flip flops in that they have straps that go between the toes. 

We discussed how many Japanese people wear their shoes and socks like this.  Several students talked about walking around their house to see how it felt.  We even had one brave girl wear socks and flip flops to school.  However, that didn't last too long as she complained of it being uncomfortable! :-)

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